Well hello there

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Well hello there

Post  Arri on Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:52 pm

Hi guys~

I'm Sarah, better known as Arri in this crowd, and I played April May/Belinda in the Phoenix Wright Musical back in May. I had a blast even though I wasn't that involved, so I'm way excited about next year. ^^ I know Diana, Kemi, arimnaes, and Danny through the online PWMP, which I'm pretty involved in, I guess.

Ummm...I like to sing, read, write, play video games (mainly PC), watch anime, and play D&D. I'm kind of very much a geek. I'm also very shy - please don't hold it against me. :O

I'm at NCSU currently, which is somewhat closer to Wilmington than my hometown, so maybe I'll make it down for actual rehearsals more often. Here's hoping!


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