[IMPORTANT!] Everything YOU need to know about this year.

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[IMPORTANT!] Everything YOU need to know about this year.

Post  SerenityTuelaulosVegeta on Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:17 am

Alright! So, if you're new, just curious, or just completely forgot what we have planned for this year, here's the deal.

Rather than running an entire show, we have split ourselves into five groups. Each group is given approximately 20 minutes to perform. There are special cases where this may vary. For example, if one director's show only runs for ten minutes, he or she may give that un-used time to another director who may need it.

The final order of the show is as followed:

Pippin - Sera Myu (Three Lights)
Diana - Avatar
Ligouri - Phoenix Wright (Case 1)
Keffer - Sera Myu

I will update with estimated run-times, cast lists and descriptions when I have collected all the information from each director. If you are a director and are reading this, send me this information via PM please (don't just post it in the thread).

Let's make an awesome show this year, everyone! BREAK!

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